man... my ankle is so swollen I feel pregnant. Oh wait.

So this morning, I was running around like a chicken (blah blah blah) and I had to get Elias out of the house pretty quickly because our townhouse is open for viewing from 9am to 4pm so I didn't want to overlap with anyone. I was leaving our building - carrying a Diet Coke, keys, Elias' diaper bag, and my makeup. I was almost out the door to the building when I BIT IT. Elias was fine, he never even fell, but I knew instantly that something was really wrong with my foot. I could hear some of our neighbors were home and starting screaming for help but then I remembered that those particular neighbors are hearing impaired and even though they both have cochlear implants, I knew they couldn't hear me screaming all the way downstairs. So I called Nick and got him to come home and finally hobbled out to the car so Elias and I would at least be in the air-conditioning. Elias was fine but he just looked at me like I was nuts and kept hugging my arm to comfort me. Nick came home, ran in and got all our bags from off the floor, grabbed some frozen broccoli and came to my rescue. We were both pretty stressed out, and the reason is..... we've got another little bebe on the way. We wanted to make sure I hadn't hurt the precious one and we already had an ultrasound scheduled and the result is....
Everything is great. 9 weeks. pretty little heartbeat. Elias can't wait.
The ankle, however, is not so beautiful. We'll give it a few days. It's just a bad sprain.
Love love.