I'm going to be on my pedestal for a few minutes....

So - I love pop culture and I love reading about celebrities. I check a few different websites and one of them that I regularly check will remain nameless. It is pretty raunchy, inappropriate, & annoying - but always incredibly accurate. Often I feel like maybe I shouldn't read it, since it can be quite unholy - but today I'm swearing it off forever.

The blogger is usually very harsh on celebrities and his main point in blogging is to humiliate them. Today, however, I made the decision to swear him off for good. He advertised, on his own website an article that Rolling Stone did on him. This quote on Britney Spears reminded me that there is a reason we have to draw lines sometimes between ourselves and the world:

He has a fantasy about her. In this fantasy, Britney has been paid lots of money to host a big club event. It's packed. The press is there. Britney is doing lots of drugs. She passes out. An ambulance takes her to the hospital. For the next two weeks, she's in a coma. Outside the hospital, there are "vigils, prayer circles and all that stuff." Finally, she comes out of her coma and vows to do better with her life. The point of the fantasy is, those two weeks with Britney in a coma are his idea of heaven: "Oh, my God, such a great story. I love it.
I feel really passionate about praying for celebrities and praying that God redeems all of pop culture for His glory, since He created the idea of culture in the first place. This is where I have to draw the line though... blogs are fun to read, but I'm not supporting the crazies like this anymore.