Ugh - I hate when people I love forget to blog all week & I don't feel updated. But I haven't blogged since Monday and I still don't feel like it. Life is steamrolling me & I'm trying to love it. Work has been absolutely psycho - trying to wrap everything up. My boss already hired my replacement & I start training her next week. I honestly think she'll be much better at my job than I am, and I'm sure her attitude will be MUCH better than mine has been this week.

Nick's job isn't even having him finish out his two week notice, so tomorrow is his last day. I'm slightly jealous. The buyer of our house moved up the closing to the 11th of December, and while that's nerve-wracking (considering we won't be in Puyallup until the 2nd of January), we're just believing God has some exciting purpose behind that.

Anyhoo... it's the weekend now - which is only the greatest thing ever. Tomorrow I have mommy small group, lunch with Kal & Stace, and girl's night at my house while Nick is in his last weekend class! Saturday morning is going to bring some Rachel Merchand/Elias/Jessi/possibly Angela time - and that couldn't be more fun.

Okay... I'm done. I have a nice pinched nerve in my upper back, a dirty house, a husband's paper to read over, & some serious sleep to get. Love.