My favorite things... thanks Kelly

Since my friend Kelly uses a blog I can't comment on - I'm just fully responding to her blog that made me smile. She wrote a good amount about her favorite things in life right now and while my blog will probably be much more simplistic & less spiritual, hers made me happy and got me thinking.

1. How hilariously impressionable Elias is right now. He is all about the sign language and funny gestures and we can make him do just about anything. I don't konw if it's the 'first child' in him, but he is all about performing and making people laugh. My favorite is the hand to forehead exasperated gesture. He saw me do it one day and now he does it every ten seconds... when he's laughing, when he's tired, when I discipline him. It's like he just uses it to say "oh mom....."
2.Target wrapping paper, enough said.
3. Mary Jane style crocs. Kalle started telling me about a year ago that these shoes were cute but I refused to sign on. All of a sudden this week, I just that I HAD to have some. I asked for Christmas but I think Nick is still holding out.
4. Crushed ice... it just never goes out of style.
5. That Elias has finally started giving real kisses on the lips - I'm addicted.
6. Long pajama shirts... Nick finally let me buy one for Christmas and he promised we could take a family Christmas pajama picture.
7. Embroidery embroidery embroidery. I feel like we got every gift embroidered for Christmas & I'm loving it.