crazy few days....

The last few days have been absolutely nutty. Nick's birthday on Wednesday... Thursday morning I went to my first Mars Hill bible study and Thursday night the girls and I had our first "ladies night/small group". Yesterday we found out one of our girls, Anna, is going to be having a c-section this coming Tuesday due to advanced placenta previa, then last night we went out with Kal/Shawn & Kel/Jason. Today - I'm running around like a chicken... blah blah blah, getting everything ready for Anna's surgery/hospital time - Nick is at the Mars Hill men's training day, Kalle is playing with Elias, and tonight the girls are going to church with Nick.

Two bits of prayer, if you have time: Please pray for Anna - her section is scheduled for Tuesday morning at 7:30am. We would also covet your prayers for the parents/family who are going to be adopting her son. They are truly a blessing and seem to be wonderful people.

Secondly - we may have a temporary fix for our lack of assistant/nanny situation. I really feel like this answer is from the Lord and would be great to get us through our first three girls & Glory's birth - but we want to listen to Him in all things.

On a lighter note - Nick got me a 'crackberry' for ministry purposes. Ha - it's actually not a blackberry, it's a TMobile dash, but I could not love it more and I can't get off of it. Yesterday during Anna's doctors appointment, I was putting all her C-section appointments into it and she pointed out that she thought I would probably need rehab from it when it's time for me to get a new phone. We'll see:)