date night

It's Friday night and we're smack dab in the middle of datenight. Don't hate on me for blogging during datenight, we did the first part sans-Glory, now we're back to feed her & put her down for the night... then romanticity will resume. So, I am going to do a quick quick quick blog about how much I love my husband. Any married woman or man knows there are days, weeks, maybe even months where marriage isn't fun or pretty. This has been one of those weeks for me. I just feel really yuck and not in love with the idea of sharing my life & heart ALL the time.

I was telling Kelly about it earlier this week and she said, "how are your date nights? are you going on one this week?" and I knew in my heart just being alone with Nick and letting him pursue me through the act of dating would probably fix alot of my inner yuck. All day I still wasn't feeling excitement about the night though... I had to work out and then shower, I was having a good conversation with my Ruby & didn't want to get off the phone to get ready, I was worried about glor & didn't want to leave her. But I did eventually get off the phone, put on some date clothes - even some earrings, and go out to Mexican with my man.

And I'm so glad I did. He's so worth it. He loved on me and encouraged me and we talked about Jesus and our kids.
Somethings we decided:
a) Our kids are awesome. Truly awesome. They're so great - we kind of want to be them.
b) Even on the worst of worst days - we would still marry each other all over again, and that's good.
c) We're crazy thankful for Lauren - who watches our babes & loves them so, so, so well.

Ok, enjoy the sexy Jessi/Nick love picture.