let's do it again.

It is so easy for me to feel overwhelmed. Between crazy crying baby, needy handsome toddler, preggos living at the house, & just general stuff to do... my sin nature is to get really flustered & frustrated. I've been working on stuffing it/at least silencing myself so I don't turn into Kate from 'Jon & Kate plus 8'. I'm only kidding, if I had 8 kids under six... I'd nag & complain way more than her.

Anyhow... there is a point to all this. It's Sunday night. My laundry is not done, I'm barely unpacked from my trip back East, I haven't talked to my sister since Friday & today was a big day for her. My to-do list is made & daunting, I have atleast three calls to return. I just borrowed Lauren's awesome new computer so I could respond to emails & I think I sent out about six in three minutes.

Throw up in my hair, Rice Dream ice cream in my belly. A morning coming much too soon.

My heart right now is wanting to go to an ugly place. BUT... I'm not going to. I have a whole week ahead of me... Two awesome kids to love on, one great husband to share it with. Seinfeld every night to fall asleep to. Jesus to walk me through it all. Deep breaths, count to ten. Let's do it again. I'm ready to start fresh... knowing I'm going to fail, to fall. Knowing His grace is going to be right there.