embarking on a new journey...

I've had two kids in two years. I've had two c-sections in about a year. I respect my body for all that is done for me, but I've put it through the ringer. During my pregnancy with Elias, my mantra was, "it's my first pregnancy! let's go nuts!". I ate just about whatever I wanted - lots of fries, pizza, mocha frappacinos, & then some more fries. When I got pregnant with Gloriana, I still had thirty extra pounds - so I tried to be careful and thankfully, when it was all said and done, I didn't gain any weight that stayed. Almost five months later, I've been trying to eat pretty well and work out regularly - and through some messy switch of metabolism/breastfeeding issue - I've gained ten pounds. I could complain and whine about it, but I'm really done with that.
In college I made a plan, stuck to it, and lost around sixty pounds. I've learned what diet tips and tricks work for me, and how often I have to work out to make it happen. Since I've put my body through so much... I'm going to be patient with it and not rush this process - but I am definitely in the place where I need to do what it takes.
Sooooo.... hopefully this blog can occasionally be an encouragement/sounding board for that area of life as well! I started my "lifestyle change" (codeword for diet) yesterday, I weighed myself this morning. I've got my gym clothes on all day to remind me that I have to work out tonight and I feel better already. Two glasses of water down, thirty or so random pounds to go.