How has vacation been so far? Awesome. Exhausting. Hilarious. Amazing.

Vacation is a funny word to use for a trip you take away from home when you have five kids under five between two couples. All I can say is Thank GOD for grandparents. I swear, they're amazing. They're more selfless than us and they really want to play with your kids so you can sleep/read/take care of other kids. It's been a sweet gift from God.

We've had family dinners, girls manicures, beach time - yes even my pasty family, porch talks, & lots of coffee. My dad appropriately named our vacation "whackamole". When we get one kid down, settled, quiet, or happy - one pipes up. They've all been a huge blessing though. Glory is growing growing growing and loving each person that lays eyes on her. Elias is a little more wary but this morning when I came to get him from nonny's, he held tight to her leg and didn't want to come to me. I love that he isn't quite sure about strangers but when it comes to Nonny, Poppy, AnnaJaye, especially Abigail, ruby, Josh, & pop - he is in love. He hasn't quite figured out Abel yet, he still thinks it's him & sis are the same thing.

I wish there was more time for stories & words but I only have a little more time till we are due on the beach. More pictures under our pictures.