silly day

This has been one of those weirdo days. Nick is just starting his school-study schedule so I'm functioning as a semi-stay-at-home-mom-by-myself. That is if you don't count our sweet little preggo, Kaylee, and my awesome "assistant/bff" Lauren, here to always help me unload the groceries when I need help. And oh, the groceries. Today was the first time I went major grocery shopping with both kids by myself, I felt like I was watching myself on stage at a 4 yr. old dance recital - I was so proud.

But here's a thought... I think I'm willing to say something crazy. Sort of. I feel like Jesus has asked me to pray for something really crazy - really nutty. I was telling Nick how excited I am and how thrilling it is and how it must be Jesus because this thing He has sort of started in my heart is so crazy and so against everything that I am, it must be real. But for real - don't ask. I'm just not ready to talk about it. Some clues for you - it's something we've NEVER done before, it may actually be humanly impossible, and it could take years to accomplish. If I was really brave I'd name it here, but I'm only going half of the way so that when Jesus accomplishes it in our life - I'll put up a backlink and say - ha! this is what it is!

Anyhow - trying to love the weirdo day for what it is. Some random blog updates - I tried to put adsense on my blog to make a little fun money off of it, but it put ads of related items I'd written about. "babes" and "scientology" were the first two up so I had to take them off. Sad day. If I can work it out in the future, there may be some fun amusing ads for the future. Also - two posts coming up "our schedule" and "new beginnings goodness".

love ya'll.