don't crawl and no more words

I'm leaving today for four and a half days for Meredith's wedding!

I really could not be more excited and sad all at once. I am so thrilled to be with Mere and her girls this week, but a little bit devastated to be leaving my kiddos for so long! All the baby food is made and ready, Elias' meals are planned, their laundry is clean and the diapers are restocked. The preggos know not to bother Nick, and Debi, Miles, & Lauren are all ready to step in if they catch him pulling his own hair out. All jokes aside, Nick is going to do AMAZING and I'm so excited for the kids to get this time with him. They are truly blessed with such a great daddy!

So - I'm sure wedding and fun girly blogs will be coming in the next few days, but for now this is just a reminder to my sweet little lamb & my big boy that she is not allowed to start officially crawling and he is not allowed to learn any more words.

Love ya'll!