5 wishes

So Lauren and I were inspired by watching Aladdin tonight (don't ask) and made each other name five wishes. We stuck to the genie's rules about not killing anyone, not raising anyone from the dead, and not causing anyone to fall in love.

Judge them all you want, but here are my five. And mind you; I made my wishes up on the spot - so don't hate.

1. That no one in my immediate family would die in the next 40 years.
2. That all of my kids would come to know Christ.
3. That I could eat whatever I want without gaining weight, ever. Yeah - I said it.
4. That I could have a billion dollars, tax free, with no questions asked from the government.
5. That I could give birth vaginally - just once, all natural - grunt grunt, push push.

Now I'd like to hear YOURS. Give em. Let them be a little bit shallow.