come on ladies

Will anyone do THIS with me?

From what I understand we would:
- meet to pick a separate meal each
- make two of our particular meal for each person in the group
(so if my meal is chicken lasagna & there are 5 other women in the group - I make 10 chicken lasagnas)
- set a designated time to get it all done
- meet & divide up the costs of all the groceries
- give our our food
- look a LOT less stressed out at around 5:00pm on a random Tuesday

So here would seem to be the hard questions:
- family size. Would a casserole work for Kalle like it does for my hearty eating preggos?
- health factor. Could we be creative enough to make healthy, freezable dishes? I suppose it would take some creativity & special planning.
- people. Will anyone do it with me? Come on - lets give it one try at least.
Lauren - you don't count. You still have to make mexican lasagna and that yummy wheat pasta dish that I am convinced is healthy. Well, you don't have to - but I'd sure appreciate it, honey.