oh they places you'll puke.

WARNING: do not read the following if you can't handle a little pregnancy puking stories. I figure if I have to live through it, I may as well laugh about it.

  • The other day we had a team of people working at our home, like for a service project. There were a few adults, but mostly middle school aged preteens. Coincidentally, the same morning - all our water was broken which left me without a toilet to puke in. Right after breakfast, I felt it coming on and felt a little panicked - where to puke? WHERE TO PUKE? All of a sudden, I'd waited too long and I burst outside to relieve myself. When I looked up, about six prepubescent teens were staring at me. Nice.
  • I usually stop puking around four or five p.m., which is a nice little gift from the Lord. But two nights ago, at 10:30 pm, I was feeling horrible and trying to ignore it until it overcame me. The only problem is that I was tucked in bed and our toilet is around 15 feet away. I think I actually made it in two large bounds and walked back into our bedroom to hear Nick laughing. So much for "morning" sickness.
  • Today I was at Kelly's with the kids having a nice little playdate. After changing two poopy diapers, I knew my ticket was up. I preemptively made my way to her guest bathroom and did my business. When I made my way back out, I commented on how nice her fall bathroom decorations looked. She said something to the extent of, "Men could never do this!" Now my husband is TOUGH, but yeah - I don't think he could puke & simultaneously admire a friend's decorating.
I know it's gross, but if I don't laugh - I'll just be annoyed!