one --------- away

I always tell Nick I'm one ----- away from being a fair mom.
By being a fair mom, I mean the ones you see at the state fair with six dirty kids trailing behind her, more rolls on her body than kids, and the same pair of sweat pants she's had on since 1993. But really - it's not her physical appearance that is most daunting - it's her harsh tone and the extremely pissed off looks she is shooting her husband. Now, I mean no particular offense to the fair mom. It works for her, but I'm trying to avoid that fate. Not only for my sake, but for Nick's.

Today I've been in a yucky place, listing all the ways of how close I am.
If I go one more week without a good workout, eat one more skinny cow, rip one more pair of jeans, lose one more night of sleep. She's inside of me, but I'm determined not to let her get out. In my heart of hearts I do believe it is possible to raise the amount of kids the Lord calls us to, affectively minister where we are at, and still work hard to remain lovely or attractive for one another and in the end, pretty much still enjoy each other's company in Jesus' name. Amen.

Anyhow - I'm trying to list my other "I'm one ----- away's" for positivity sake. So hear it goes.
- I'm one night away from sleeping through the night. For real. (it COULD happen)
- I'm one short brisk walk outside from feeling refreshed. (check)
- I'm one encouraging email away from feeling well - encouraged. (check - Thanks Mrs. Vaughn)
- I'm one click away from some beautiful pictures.
- I'm one piece of Lauren's double chocolate banana cake away from bliss.
- I'm one webcam session away from family.
- and lastly... I'm one coffee date with my husband away from a little more peace.