Fashion Friday

We're back.....

So Lauren showed me these awhile ago and now I'm obsessed with them! This fashion friday is in honor of Sara Brinton, a mama & friend who is in my small group & our writing circle, in the hospital on bedrest. She's been on bedrest for the better part of her pregnancy and is working super hard to keep her little boy inside of her. If I had an extra $80, this would be hers today!

So my suggestion for today is a designer hospital gown. This one snaps down both shoulders for easy breastfeeding and snaps all the way up the back so you don't get that windy feeling. Also, it comes with a coordinating ribbon so you can not look so much like a massive whooshing wilderbeast. Seriously - the day I had Glory, they had me walk to the OR myself and I was half hyperventilating because everyone could see my wobbly bits and have not caring because I looked like an inflated kite flying down the hospital hallway.

But seriously, I'm going to be saving my pennies till June for one of these puppies. I hate hospital gowns and since I have c-sections, it's usually a while before I can get up and put clothes on after having my babes and then - there is nothing worse than putting pants on right over your fresh cut. I found this cutey hospital gown on Etsy but if you google "designer hospital gown", see what you come up with!