blog change suggestions?

So, I've just made the executive decision that I am DEFINITELY changing my blog address, for two major reasons.

1. When I check my site meter, every single day I find people who have googled some sort of "babe" phrase and stayed on my blog for tooooo long. Sometimes they've searched really gross & explicit phrases and then I can tell they've searched my history and well - yuck. That's gross. Get off my website, please.
2. I made this blog when we had just had Elias & were trying for Glory and we were definitely in a place where we felt like babies. We had a lot of negative voices telling us that we were crazy and rushing things, and I felt just this incredible burden almost to apologize for our child-rearing passion.

I don't really feel that way anymore, thank God. I've met so many women and Godly people who have affirmed our passion for a big family early on, and while I still feel like I have a whole world of stuff to learn in regards to life & motherhood, I don't feel so much like a 'babe' anymore.

So any suggestions?