thankful thursday, a bit early

Today is the hardest day of vacation - the day after, made even more complicated by some lost luggage (and thus lost clothing, glasses, moisturizer, and phone charger) but I thought my attitude needed a little pick me up. Let's hear yours too!

- I'm thankful that all the kids stuff did make it here. Bottles, clothes, & babies in general. It was a close call on our last flight, Gloriana almost asked to go home with someone else.
- For our bed. I loved staying at my mom's house, but Nick & I have an intense fondness for our king size city with the bamboo sheets. Also - our tv to fall asleep to & our open window to the NW air.
- For Lost on tonight.
- That Elias has been asking for his "Mommy" all day today. Not me - no, no, no. That's what he calls his Nonny because he can't pronounce n's. It's bittersweet, but I love that this trip really solidified extended family in his mind.
- My babes. They're just great. Elias & Glory could possibly be the coolest people I've ever met. Raising them in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ is an honor & a blessing.
- To have Elias' SECOND BIRTHDAY PARTY this weekend! It has snuck up on me & we have some serious planning to do in the next few days, but it's going to be a blast.
- For this segment on our pastor. I thought it was entertaining. I think they managed to catch every clip of him screaming or talking about sex in seven minutes. I also appreciate Grace playing with the kids in the yard wearing skinny jeans & heels.
- That tomorrow I WILL reply to about six thousand emails I've been slacking on.
- For our assistant & friend Larlar, who held down the fort while we were gone.
- For our new assistant, Carissa, who we've just met but who seems really sweet & efficient.
- To be back at home, where we belong for now. That feels nice.