Two boys & a Girl.

Today was a sweet day.
Yesterday at around 4pm, I tried for the final time to see if there were any cancellations for an ultrasound before our trip this week. I guess I sounded seriously desperate because the sweet receptionist scheduled me one at 9am this morning - when they don't usually start until 9:30.

It was odd going into an ultrasound having literally no care as to what we were having, I just wanted to see all four chambers of the heart, that the ventricles were in tact, etc. etc. etc. We had gotten the call yesterday that the quadscreen that checks for things like Trisomy & Downs came back totally fine so that was just a great relief to know it wasn't a scary ultrasound ahead. We've had a good deal of those, and they're not fun at all.

We're well acquainted with the ultrasound tech at my ob by now, and we know she isn't much for small talk or excited chatter but I still did ask her to humor us and let us guess the sex. Literally, about three seconds after she put the sonogram wand on my belly, Nick and I both said - "It's a boy." He was right in position & showing us all his jewels.

While she spent about forty five minutes measuring and checking every little bit of him, Nick and I just thought about another boy and what that meant. Glory will have two protectors, she'll most likely be our only girl, Elias will always have someone to play ball with. Another handsome boy to look like his Daddy, another sweet son to cuddle with. And - oh, this one is a cuddlebug. In every shot, he is rubbing his face or laying with his hands folded beneath his chin.

He had one little, little minor blockage near his kidneys that they are going to keep checking on - but Nick and I have learned not to freak out when they promise you it is minor. Even if this blockage doesn't work itself out, it would only mean Baby Tres being on some antibiotics for a while to help his little self go peepee.

Other than that, he is just a big, healthy boy. Yesterday we also got my early diabetes check back (and it was good) but when she measured him today her first question was, "Do you have a history of diabetes?" Because he is a biggun. Big head like his older brother and long legs like his sister. I can't wait to hold all probable ten pounds of him:). I'm 19 wks and 1 day, (thought I was 20 wks, 1 day) and he is measuring 20 weeks and 6 days. And at that week's measurement - he is in the 70th percentile for body and 90th for head size. Thank you Jesus that I know I'm having a c-section. I've done 36 hours of labor with a big head and it sure isn't any fun.

So, thanks for your prayers & sweet comments. Feel free to keep suggesting those boy names, and we'll let you know the final decision around June 1st.