my second endorsement

IF I was a famous money-makin' mommy-blogger, I'd be doing this junk all the time. Getting paid to endorse some great company or product & telling you how it's changed my life. Well, I'm not and so I'm not. That is - I'm not getting paid to endorse this product but I want to anyhow because I love it & the person that gave it to me!

Around a year ago, just before Glory was born, I was sitting in my new women's group - massively pregnant - looking around the room, hoping soon I'd feel at home and have some real friends. Knock, knock, knock on the door and this little blonde beauty peeks her head in to see where the lost and found is. She's carrying her sleeping little three month old and she was CUTE. Dressed cute, cute hair, and since she was so darn cute - the leader of our group just asked if she wanted to stay and do bible study with us! I was so glad she did, because I saw her and wanted to be friends with her asap!
So, now a year later, sweet Marilee is still in my life and she is cuter than ever. More than that, she loves Jesus and is a really sweet loving friend to our family. She came to play last week (with SI SI), and brought about the most thoughtful gift ever.

She'd read this blog I wrote about the tie onesie I wanted to get for Baby Tres and had someone make us one! So here is a picture of our first real item that is for Tres alone (not a hand-me-down) and here is a link to the sweet girl who made the onesie. I've been looking at this blog all week trying to pick which item I want to get next! Nick even saw the union-jack little shirts and said he wanted some in his size. Hmph. We'll see.