turning it around

This will be super quick. I've got two kids napping, a pile of fresh laundry, and a bible sitting beside me. 

So I'm wondering - how do you do a quick turn around when you're having a rough day? 
I woke up this morning feeling like I could actually conquer the world. I almost wrote a blog during breakfast to say, 

"la-la-la-la all is right with the world! ministry is doing good, marriage is good!, my son just asked to pray with me, potty training is easier than I ever imagined, and our new nanny is coming to take care of elias so I can get stuff done around the house for two hours! 

Thank you Jesus for keeping me from writing that blog, because I would have been annoyed with myself only moments later. During the next two hours, we had THREE potty accidents (which is as many as we've had in about five days and which kind of negates the help I'm getting from said nanny when I'm constantly running up and down the stairs to get fresh manpants and jeans) and while I was able to get a lot accomplished, I just felt ugh - yuck. I had to literally keep counting in my head to make my stress level go down, I could feel my blood just pulsing. 

Ministry has been a mess the last week or two, if you've been reading Lauren's blog - you've probably been worried for our safety, or at least our sanity. Well, last night the two of us were walking and talking and praying and we felt the tide turning. After some prayer, we had one of the most productive meetings we've ever had with the girls and just felt ahhhh.... good. Today we've been lied to and annoyed and it just feels like one step forward, six steps back. We have another interview at 5pm, and I want to look at that girl with love and mercy and acceptance - not doubt & fear. 

So here's my plan of attack - 
I'm going to drink a big bottle of water. 
I'm going to read psalm 16, because for whatever reason - it's doing my heart good these days. 
I'm going to fold this laundry so it doesn't get crinkled and so we have more big boy manpants for my little boy to wear when we he wakes up. 
Tonight, when the kids are asleep I'm going to do biggest loser yoga because it is hard and makes me sweat and makes me feel productive. 
I will watch the Bachelor & read Leigh's post on it to make myself laugh. 
Tonight I'm going to snuggle with my husband and hear how his day was, 
NOT cry to him about mine. Loving on him always makes me feel good. 
Also - when he expects me to cry & I smile, he is proud and I LOVE making him proud. 

ok, what would you do? what do you do when it all goes south too quickly?