nonny list

My mom & I are both intense list makers. We're psychotic planners and we ALWAYS feel better when there is an agenda. So, in honor of her short three day visit - here is my list of things I want to accomplish.

- Make a cake together for Glory's birthday party. I even made some fondant to use for decorating! I would like if it looked like this, it will probably at best look like this.
sidenote: anyone worked with fondant before? I'd love your tips!
- Sit & drink coffee together.
- Take her to Mars Hill.
- Watch her play play-doh with Elias. Which, you know, he calls "cookies".
- Let her enjoy how intensely excited the kids are in the morning.
- Maybe get a manicure together. puh-lease Nick?
- Watch her get a kiss from Glory.
- Sit with her, Kal, Kelly, & Marilee and let her see some of the
amazing women God has given me here.
- Have her help me start planning our place in Boston, maybe help me look online for one!
- Let her laugh at Tres' enormous growth, meaning my enormous growth, since January.
- Take her to brunch at Hector's in Kirkland & scout to see if we can see
Jason, the Bachelor, then throw stuff at him.
- Have someone else to laugh with at how passionate my
quiet husband becomes when watching March Madness. It's a sight.

Ok, that should do! Hurry up Nonny! We can't wait!