breaking the routine

Ok - I'm going out on a limb. My sweet husband is begging me to use some of our tax return monies to buy some transitional clothing that will do me good this summer as I go through end of pregnancy-new baby body-starting to work off three babies weight. I figure once we're good and settled in Boston, once our budget is firm and established, and once my body is one the way back to normalness - I'll add in some real pieces and start building a wardrobe that has no expanding pants or flowing tummies. Well, maybe a few... for comfy days.

Anyhow, I'm determined to buy one pair of sexy shoes to make myself wear them in these last few weeks of pregnancy/first few months of Tres. I know if I buy one pair, I will eventually wear them - even if it is just to church or on our first date postpartum. I think Nick deserves that. In my closet full of flats and tennis shoes, he deserves one pair - meant only to impress him. And since I stick pretty hardcore to the modesty wardrobe, the sex appeal needs to make an appearance in the shoe department.

So, let's hear what you guys think. I'm taking an idea from Miss Ladd, and I'm going to ask for a vote. So come on, lurkers, you too - give us a vote!

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selection E

Most pairs are under $50, fyi.
And I just have to say, I'm already laughing. I cannot imagine myself putting on one pair of these in any circumstance - which means I desperately need to.
Oh, how a few years and a few pregnancies can change you.
Help me, help my husband, pick me out some shoes - please.