things that take me to my happy place

  • low fat vanilla & peanut butter cup ice cream
  • the new 'real housewives of new jersey'. I'm serious - that might be crazy tv, but I'm calling it good old cultural studies.
  • the playplace at Belle Square. Took the bebes today and I love it. Any Eastside moms want to go next week?
  • thinking about the first blog I'll write about Tres. I'm so excited to tell everyone his name and show his sweet little picture.
  • skirts. I mean, man, they're awesome. Airy and light, colorful and comfy.
  • a well-timed phone call with my sister. Especially the part where she tells me about how dogs don't hurt when they're in labor & that just proves how much pregnancy is a part of our sin-curse. if that's not true, don't tell me.
  • the beautiful purple tulips my husband bought me a pike place this weekend, sitting by my bed.
  • this video. It's long, but hilarious. My kids HATE mashed potatoes and love each other.