a birthday gift

Seriously, May is the MONTH to be born! Off the top of my head -
My sweet stepdad, Gibson's birthday is this month.
My mom's.
My nephew Abel's.
Lauren Tate's.
Leigh Ladd's.
Tres' birthday will be this month.

But today, is Miss Lauren Hogan's 25th birthday.

There are lots of things I'd like to give her:
Since she's living in Charlotte now, I could meet her at East Blvd. Starbucks for a coffee, then we could go to Cantina for lunch or maybe just grab a sandwich at Laurel Market. I would definitely give her some of those bottom of the feet detox pads since I know she's always been curious and and I'd also love to give her - oh, say, a million dollars.

None of those things am I able to do this morning - but I do love & miss her and want her to feel appreciated so, I will give her this - a picture of my massively oversized 35.5 week pregnant belly. Just for giggles.

Don't adjust your screen Lauren - that whole gift is just for you. I know Tres will love you just as much as our other kids do. We miss you, lady.