may baby

After a productive doctor's visit today, Nick and I got some news sweet to our ears.
We're having a baby in MAY. This MAY. Not June, May.
Not tonight or tomorrow, probably not next week.
But, when I look at the calendar, I don't have to switch months to see Tres' due date.
Definitely in May. The 27th most likely. 5.27.09

So here's the plan.
  • I'm going to keep my bathroom clean, just in case.
  • Make some plans for the kiddos & wash all of Tres' clothes.
  • Work on some birth announcements - which Nick and I have decided will be more like family announcements, because when you have three kids in 2.5 years, you don't send out three. This is our first.
  • Start taking large doses of folic acid again since I would still really love for him to be over 10 pounds.
  • Cuddle my sweet two bebes day & night.
  • Cuddle with my sweet husband day & night.
  • Try hard to sleep at night.
  • get VERY excited.
VERY, VERY excited.