new years resolution

It's not January, but it's the beginning of my 25th year and this blog has been sitting in my head too long. So now it's time to put it on the ever-present internet to begin the work. 

  • I want to become a better listener. I really don't like bad listeners and I'm one of the worst. 
  • I want to start the process of becoming a no-yelling household. My husband is amazing at this. I honestly can't think of more than two or three times in nine years he has raised his voice at anyone. I can think of two or three times today that I did. I'm starting the prohibition of yelling in the Connolly house, starting with me. 
  • I want to start wearing all the accessories & shoes I own. More earrings than my massive pearls, more headbands than the feather one, more shoes than the rainbows and black flats. They're in the closet and it's time for them to come out. (confession: while I did wear RED HEELS in The Beautiful Mess photoshoot, I did also wear the standby pearls. Change starts slowly.) 
  • I'm going to ask people to help me watch my kids, every once in a while - so I can get time away with Nick and alone time with the other bebes. I have tons of friends who offer & I never take them up on it, I'm going to start. 
  • I will use the teeth bleaching kit that I bought when I had Glory. 
  • I will have my wedding rings cleaned at some point this year. 
  • I would really like to beef up on my hospitality skills. I know I just came out of a weird season with New Beginnings, but now that our family has personal space again - I think God is showing me this is definitely an area I enjoy to serve in. Candles lit, muffins out, guests in the guest bedroom - I'm happy. 
  • I am going to stop making snap judgements of people & deciding whether or not we'd be good friends. That's for Jesus to decide. 
(ok, that's only the beginning)