So I'm at the tailend of a scary little stretch. 
For seventeen of nineteen days, I was alone with my kids for the better part of most days. Nick is actually working his cute little tail end off to take care of us, working two jobs while getting his master's so for this particular little stretch, I had to kind of suck it up and deal. 

I almost blogged about it at the beginning of it, but what do you say?
I'm scared? Pray for me? It's going to be great?!
Sometimes I feel the need to explain to people how different having three kids under three is, but in general - that gets tiring & while it's hard to explain how difficult it can be, it's impossible to describe simultaneously what a blessing it is. 

So, I went into my 19 day stretch hopeful & not too scared. I also started my little p90x/healthiness adventure at the same time and while that my sound stupid to take on, it was actually a nice distraction and the energy level help was a big boost. Still, our house is not huge and a massive chunk of those days I was without a car or cell phone, so it was a challenge for sure. 

Well here's what happened:
a. I made it. (almost - I have five more days) 
b. My kids and I got about a billion times closer. 
c. I realized that I'm sick of feeling sorry for myself because this is a hard season. My story right now is having three small children and a tight budget. I can love this story and respond well to the evidences of God's grace in my life & I have not been. 
d. My husband is extremely supportive and any opportunity he had to bless me with coffee, an early arrival, a special treat, or an hour off - he did. 
e. I found out that 4pm is a scary time for everyone. The best way to get to 5pm is Benjamin napping, big kids in the bath, & Mommy watching with a [big] cup of coffee. 
f. My kids REALLY like photobooth on the mac. Especially Glory. Here is evidence: 

So, bring it on - normal week. I'll own you. 
Because Saturday is coming and I REALLY hope my husband doesn't have to work. 
And if all else fails, we'll just keep taking baths, drinking coffee & using photobooth.