5 favorite things about Katie.

In lieu of the normal, "my 5 favorite things", here is a dedication 
to my sweet sister on her 28th birthday. 

1. I love that my sister has two names. People always ask, "Now is your sister's name Ruby or Katie" and I gladly reply both! She is fun enough for two names, beautiful enough for two names, sweet enough for two names and certainly giving enough for two names. She is Katherine Elizabeth by birth, and Ruby by love. Oh but why? Well - I don't know if there is really a concise answer to why except that we call her that and that makes me love her even more. 

2. I love the ways my sister spurs me on. She makes me want to be more generous, more giving, more uplifting, and more gentle everytime I speak to her. On her worst days, she still isn't stingy with her love or her possessions. She wants everyone she knows to have as many blessings possible and she wants to celebrate them. She genuinely wants good things for anyone & everyone and there is nothing in her that holds back. eg: Today, on her birthday, I got a card & a Starbucks gift card in the mail from her. Who does that?

3. She loves her kids and her husband something fierce. She knows they are really the greatest. 

4. Well, we can't do a top five of Katie without talking about her humor. Now maybe I only love it because it's almost identical to my little funny gene.... but who cares, we could laugh for fifteen hours together. Wait? Fifteen, make that 15,000,000. Most of my favorite memories laughing are with her. One time, my favorite of all, was on a beach trip with her and Josh when I was in high-school and we were playing spades and the two of them freestyle rapped for the entire spades games. Who does that? Someone funny. 

5. Now this is selfish, but true. I love the way my sister loves me. It is so much like Christ. She knows the very depth of my suckiness and still cherishes me (and I her). If I'm sad, she comes beside me and lifts me up. If I'm happy, she is more than happy for me. If I need Jesus - she is right beside me with scripture. She leaves it all on the floor, everyday. 

ok, because I can't stop myself:
my top five memories of Katie - 
1. When I was in elementary school and her & our babysitter conspired to convince me that the babysitter was murdering Katie and coming for me next - chasing me with a knife and soaking my sister in ketchup. I said she has a sense of humor. 
2. The night that Jesus saved my soul, I was looking dead into her eyes - thinking over and over again - I want that. I want that, whatever she has... I want that. 
3. Her entire involvement with Elias' birth. Wearing a specialty tshirt for him that said  "I love my nephew". Laying in bed with me (and falling asleep) while I was in labor. Sneaking into the hospital room during procedures and stealing a nurses uniform to get into the nursery to see Ebug. That's for real. 
4. Watching Katie and Josh videochat while she was out here visiting us a few months ago. They both changed clothes and got all fixed up to see one another - that is truly keeping the spark alive. 
5. Any & all conversations we've had about Jesus. They are always eye opening and life-giving for me. 

I love you K. 
So much.