built-in babysitters.

When I was 11 and my sister was 14, my mom & stepdad (and God, mostly) blessed the world with my sweet sister Caroline. So everyone, the whole time my mom was pregnant & the whole time Caroline was growing up, constantly talked about what great built-in babysitters she had. I don't know if we really were - I bet Katie was, but anyhow. In honor of Caroline's fourteenth birthday & her first high school girl's party tonight... here are some pictures of my kiddos. None of them could babysit the other or someone would call DSS on me and for good reason. They do REALLY like each other though.  Just some recent pics. 

this picture took about six hundred to get one

this is the ultimate pic of my mellow boys and not-so-mellow little girl

loving sister. 
they all have the same resting face. 
benja trying out the jumper in a rare moment of solitude
two of the kiddo's best friends - James & Cole
No, you don't look suspicious.      
these are their other two best friends, who they wish would come back from vacation already. 
so does their mama:) 

Ok. That's all.