an essay on the princess.

Sometime last weekend, Miss Gloriana pointed at herself and said, "I pwincess". 
I giggled & said, "Well, yes - you are baby". 
I'm sure her dad & I have called her this as a pet name before, even though I'm sure it's not one we use too commonly. I just thought, well she picked up on that quick. 
The more I thought about it, though, I wondered about how she understood. We don't have a single princess movie or book and while she loves to play with my earrings, makeup, & headbands - she is just as happy watching cars or playing trucks with her brother. 

Then this Saturday, Nick took the kiddos to the library to check out some new movies and he said when he saw Cinderella, Glory immediately started just shreaking, 
When she walked in the door and showed me her new movie, what did I hear but - 
After lunch, during her "nap", she did nothing but stand up in her crib screaming - 
So, that's how I came to be sitting on the couch watching Cinderella with Gloriana on a Saturday afternoon when we both should have been napping. 

Well, typical Glor, she watched for about ten minutes, then got up to go wander around the room. But true to her normal self, the second any music came on - she shot her hands up in the air, waving and dancing. She loves music, loves to dance, to sway, to think on things that a princess would. But the love part? She has no time for that. No time to watch the romance develop, no time to watch the prince pursue... she just wants to skip to the part where the princess gets to dance. 

So, I don't have any shame in the fact that my daughter loves to think about being a princess, because surely she is. I pray that one day she will count herself as a daughter of our heavenly family and I think in Jesus' eyes - she will be one of the most lovely princesses ever. Until then, I can't help but learn from her. Play a good worship song that moves me, and these hands will shoot right up. Lay hands on a friend for prayer and I'll be right there. But when it's Saturday afternoon and I'd rather play - is there room in my heart to pay attention to the pursuit of my King? Moreover, as the story unfolds and I realize it has nothing to do with my glory and everything to do with His - will I keep reading? These silly jewels look like dull rocks in comparison to the crown of thorns that my Prince is wearing. 
There's a lot more to being a princess than dancing.