naptime diaries

Rachel Zoe. Kate Gosselin. Bethanny Frankel. 
semi-stars who are obsessed with "their brand". 
Go ahead and add Jessi Connolly to that list. 
I'm kidding, seriously. 
I'm about the least cool person I know but when I talked to Nick about opening an etsy shop a while back, he encouraged me to jump headfirst into a big adventure - 
new shop, new website, new name. 
(he may have used the word "brand" because he's my husband & he think I'm a lot cooler than the rest of the world does )

But if you've noticed some changes up top, you're not crazy. 
babes having babes is slowly making the transition to Naptime Diaries. 
And an etsy store is in progress tooo:). 

I'm not even slightly cool enough to have my own brand, but I really like blogging and I want to keep doing it. Also, I do it enough that it should be considered a part-time job, even if I don't get paid for it. 

So... Naptime Diaries is in the works. 
A Jesus-loving, mommy-talking, cute-kid-picture, design-loving, culture-appreciating

Oh, and why the name? Two reasons. 
a) I mostly piddle with my blog during naptime or once the kids are in bed. During this short little time, I try not to do housework or anything but just sit and explore my crazy head. Out of this comes blogs & hopefully some fun designs. 
b) While I love that non-moms read this blog, I hope that it is a blessing and a sweet place for moms and mamas-to-be. Not a place to glorify who I am or my family, but the God who blesses us with families. So a diary of sorts... If I were to write a diary just about my experience as a mom, it would read something like "yikes - I blew it today" or "ugh, that Elias is so sweet" and maybe there would be a list of songs I want to remember to teach the babes. And I'd probably be doodling on the pages of my diary, hence the creative side. So remember, think DIARY - not trophy box. 

Once I build up the guts, I'll post a link to the etsy shop - 
until then, you'll find me biting my nails in intimidation.