ten years old

Ten years ago this month, Jesus gave me new life.
It feels too big to describe that night, or maybe too abstract because it was truly a second-long experience where He reached into my heart and, the next minute - everything was different.

Maybe some day - we could have coffee and I'll tell you about it.

What do I say about these last ten years?
I'll tell you - I certainly feel like a ten year old child when it comes to maturity.

Ten years ago & still some days I wonder at what secret is in my heart that makes life seem sweeter and softer, then I remember it's Jesus. On days where I feel like I could not be more of a dumb-dumb and I feel a million miles away from the beginning of sanctification, I only have to think for two and a half seconds about how empty I was before Him and I'm relieved.

Relieved that I know truth and grace and Love.
So, thank You Lord for ten years of slow, but sure growth.
I can't wait for eleven.