Best Week Ever

Here's what's up:
- Sometime this week (we hope and PRAY), Mare will have baby B. I'm so stinking pumped. Ya'll, I'm a birth fanatic. I just love it. I really wish I could do it:). I've got my labor food packed and birthing affirmations written on note cards. Couple that with the fact that I really love Mare and can't wait to meet her son - I'm over the moon!
- Couples date with the Stinsons. Last one together in the northwest. Lots of thoughts there.
In the meantime, if you're in Charlotte (and even if you're not) - stop by their new church's website: Redemption Charlotte. Pray for them, give to them, go with them, help them launch - do something!
- and lastly,
New Moon.
oh gosh. I can't handle it.
I'm not even kidding you.
What do I say?
I will tell you this - I told Annie the other night that I think we should get into old fashioned cross-stitching. Think this.
But we decided it would be appropriate if we made Twilight Cross-stitches. Can you imagine selling THOSE on etsy?! I'd make a fortune.
Oh wait! Someone already beat me to it!
Oh well. I still get two hours and ten minutes of greatness on Sunday night with a bunch of great women who love Jesus and silly vampire teenage fiction.

And lastly, I'm excited about some blog & design stuff coming down the pipeline so stay tuned!
And for goodness sake, go get your new moon tickets.