Since setting up link lists has been on my to-do list for about three weeks, I'm going to kick myself in the hiney* and write a post that will hopefully translate into some sections for internet goodness. In the meantime, I would encourage you to sit back at your desk or on your sofa and kick off you Monday with some web browsing. Enjoy.

design & visual goodness:
Promise Tangeman
A Beautiful Mess
The Beautiful Mess
(are you confused?! you have to stay on your toes around here! drink some coffee & keep up!)
Another Shade of Gray
Inspire Inspire
Sarah Rhoads
Resurgence Scripture Wallpapers

Have a Cute Day

Forever 21
(also, I'm available to be hired for personal shopping sessions in Forever 21. Just ask Mare.)
Cardigan Empire
(and I linked that to the item I most want right now)

for some growth:
Carolyn Mahaney's Girl Talk
Noel Piper
Biblical Parenting
Grace (I like to listen to this in the background while doing design stuff)

ok. Enjoy.
I've certainly enjoyed putting this list together!

*sidebar: If you're a mom - what do you call the lower backend of your body for your children to learn? Hiney? Butt? Tuckus? Hambone? Bottom? Give it to me. I need to make an executive decision.