a normal thursday

5:45am: Hear Benjamin. pray fervently he falls back asleep.
6:00am: No such luck, he is up and I should be if I don't want the other ones to wake up too. Plus, it's Bible time. Feed Benja, let him bounce and growl while I read & pray, drink first pot of coffee.
7:05am: Big kids up, bring them milk in their cribs, booktime.
7:45am: Waffles for kids, oatmeal for mommy, night-night for Benja.
9:00am: Daddy comes home from accountability with my weekly coffee treat.
Design-consult-business-call. Hearing the word "wicked" just starts your day off right.
9:40am: Realize that my teeth aren't brushed, kids aren't dressed, bag isn't packed and we have a mall-walking date in twenty minutes. Call on the husband & the Lord to help me out the door.
10:17am: Arrive 17 minutes late for said date, sorry Kim.
Proceed to have a little mall time with kiddos which really looks like saying
"Glory SIT DOWN and OBEY" seventeen times.
11:30am: On the way home, feel a little glad that I don't feel overwhelmed after such a horrible trip, can't help myself from laughing at sweet babes.
Carrying three kids in from car, in rain, have to cut off my sister for the first time because we're all soaking wet.
1:45pm: All three are down. Turn off the tv, sit in silence, eat a sandwich. Fall asleep.
2:10pm: BENJA'S UP! Cuddle, cuddle, cuddle. Lots of kisses.
Worry a little bit about childhood obesity.
2:30pm: Elias is up! Cuddle, cuddle, 101 Dalmatians. Come on - did you know that movie is probably not really toddler appropriate? Lots of smoking and they say the word "idiot" like sixteen times. Specifically the husband and wife calling each other that. Why do we work so hard not to say that when we let them watch it on tv? Answer: send 101dalmatians back to netflix.
3:15pm: GLORY'S UP! Animal crackers and songs.
Johnny Appleseed.
This little light.
And Glory's favorite: "tiny hiney!" (I made that one up)
4:50-6:30pm: a big blur. Turkey chili, baby food, Bible time, crying time, Praying time.
Hilarious game of hide and go seek with daddy.
Night night.
6:30-9:30pm: Determined to get caught up on design work. Keep thinking about laundry and sweeping and cleaning the bathroom but promise to do it tomorrow and feel excited about getting things done for the week. Nick watches tv and laughs and says, "did you hear that?!" about sixteen times.
10:15pm: Nick goes to bed.
11:21pm: I'm still here, writing this blog.
Six am is coming.