in light of eternity

All of a sudden, life feels so different and wild.
I was so lost in baby world for the past three years and now, I'm waking up and there is so much to do! Community, teaching the kids, potty training, cleaning house, loving on friends, serving in some capacity, teaching MYSELF, loving my husband, praying through our future. Everyday I'm trying to think simpler so I can do more... cut out the things I don't need to do, so I can focus on the things I should be doing.

So I need purpose, really clear purpose in the places that get my time. If no one else in the world cared or read this blog - I'd definitely still write it. It's just that fun for me.
I just don't think I can go on unless I have some perimeters.

And I think I finally do.
I want to write about...
Jesus, life, design, & domestic goodness.
Jesus, life, design, & homemaking.
Jesus, life, design & housecraft.
Jesus, life, design & figuring-out-how-to-be-a-wife-&-mom.
(can we find a good synonym for homemaking?)

Call it what you want. That's what I want to write about.
Here's the catch. Blogs about life, design, & deciding-what-floor-cleaner-is-best are all pretty unimportant in the grande scheme of things, unless they're written in the shadow of the light of Christ. A funny story about our house catching on fire is only made sweet when we were able to see a tangible picture of how God's grace keeps us from going up in flames every day.

Showing you a new blog header I've gotten to work on is much more enjoyable when I can tell you about the sweet long-distance friend and the encouraging phone calls we still get to have. Or showing you some websites I love because they inspire me to find the creativity God has placed inside me (somewhere deep, deep, deep that I'm trying to dig up).

And well, there is for sure testimony in having an online place to discuss homemade laundry detergent. It has to speak to the redemptive work of Christ because there is no way a selfish lady like me would find soooooo much joy in boiling up soapy mixtures of lavender & borax to save my family a little money and try to be a bit more green. Right?

So. I have a renewed vigor for blogging.
But only in light of eternity.
Cause none of us has any time to waste, amen?