I must be actually insane.

A few things:
a) I cannot believe I'm doing this.
b) I don't think my hair is beautiful or tutorial-worthy, but enough people have asked how I do it and so I will pass along the info. I did spend many a night googling hair youtube videos with Lauren to finally get something that worked for me, so hopefully this is helpful.
c) in these tutorial photos, I have on no makeup. So... yeah - here is full disclosure.
d) enough warnings.

So. To begin, you should know - I LIKE sort of nappy hair.
Smooth, silky hair is not really my thing. My logic is...
nappy, voluminous hair makes your face look smaller.
If I'm wrong, don't bust up my theory, I'm comfortable with it.

So to get big waves, my first step is nappy. I get my hair as gross as possible. I want as much volume as possible and also, the more coarse your hair is - the better it holds heat. To get my hair coarse is um... not hard. But I do it like this. Wash it at night, dry my bangs, put a little bit of relaxer in it and then sleep on it. The next morning, I begin this process.
Hold on to your hats. I wish I had one.

(I only braid it in the morning b/c I can't stand to look at it - that isn't part of the process)
you should have coffee available.
there she is, in all her glory. nappy wave.
I separate it & grab a thick chunk.
curl it like a ringlet, but start up high.
it's like curling ringlets, but you don't start at the bottom of the strand, start up near the top.
do all of the bottom & let the crazy top down.
mix in the top & bottom strands to make it cohesive, smile at benja in the background.
keep going, all around the top. Starting at the top & leaving a small little tail.
sip of coffee, you're almost done.
mess it up, swing it around, go a little nutty.
if you don't mess it all up, the curls will sort of meld together like a 1998 promdo.
brush it all out to make soft waves and smile using your teeth - you're done!

Now, that is a massive process.
But I do it twice a week and touch it up in the mornings.
And I promise never to do that again!