pick some scenery

I'm in the middle of a bunch of fun design projects but wanted to work on something a little selfish. I need a new fresh spring look for the old blog. I keep putting it on my to-do list like it's going to take ten minutes ago but let's get real - I need to seriously think it out and love it or I'll change it eighteen times in a week. So, here's three different directions I could potentially head. Would you please vote and feel free to post any suggestions?

Direction A.
playdate inspiration
the closest to my real-life colors and this little combo makes me feel peaceful.

Direction B.
This is inspired by the 2 or 3 hours a week my husband gives me at Starbucks each week.
starbucks & marigolds - makes me want to write with a real carbon pencil or something.

Direction C.
Inspired by our most recent at-home date. Farmhouse cheese, apples, and wheat sourdough and if I had my way - we would've had coffee out of these feminine little floral mugs. Feminine and subtly bold. Just like a reformed future church planter's wife on an at-home-date. Did I just make a joke? I think so.

So, vote please.
And wait for the finished product. Hopefully I'll get to it before spring is over:).