monday list.

Vacations over and I gotta tell you, I'm not sad.
I mean - I wish I was still on that quiet porch with my kiddos walking around & looking at birds but it's ok. It did me so much good that I feel rejuvenated enough to face Monday with my husband away at a church planting conference. Now that's a good vacation.

now, here is my monday to-do list:

- get off the internets.
- take my kiddos on a long walk
- dye my six inch roots because seeing my vacation hair in facebook pictures made me cringe
- try to face the facts that Benjamin is walking now and I just need to get over it
- try to teach Elias and Glor the difference between "how" and "why".
(they're very confused)
- Find a good fried jalepeno recipe for my sister and a good olive tapenade recipe for my mom.
- Thank God for my family because I'm in the same town with my mom and sister and they both seperately brought me coffee this morning. Don't tell them, I enjoyed both:)
- Try not to miss this handsome guy too much (or his cuddling ways).

What are you up to today?