Keep Asher In, day 2

Keep Asher In, Day 2 - 
interactive shower planning

Something I like to do for babies in my life is make them a little logo. It's like branding for babes, if you will. We can use it at their shower, on personalized gifts, and their parents can use it in their nursery if so desired. So here are some choices for Ruby. And of course, you can weigh in your opinion as well!
I'm at an lull in shower planning for the Rubes and need to make a decision! 

option one. 

option dos. 

number three. 

& number four. 

Friends, vote away. 
Katie Ruby, rest your sweet self and 
text your sister with belly updates. 
Asher, get ready for more cheek pinching from 
your Honey (that's me!) than you can stand.