house of rest

Grab some coffee. I want to tell you about the house o’ rest.
This will be no majestic mansion interwebs home tour. More of a testimony of a family that God is giving a season of rest and peace too, and maybe a little bit of a “before” as we’re in the middle of giving it a little update.
My favorite spot in the house of rest. if I sit on the dryer in the kitchen, I can see over almost the whole house. Also, it is the warmest spot in the house on chilly mornings. 

For about three solid years, I’ve felt overwhelmed. Too much to do, too many responsibilities, rushed, ill-equipped, tired, and running from thing to thing. Some of that has been good old fashioned lies I’ve been believing – like imagining that God surely picked the wrong mom for this family and this story that He’s written us, and some of it has just been poor planning on our part. For whatever reason, I’m beyond thrilled that He’s given us the grace of this season to catch up. During those years – we always made it. He always has given us just enough money, just enough energy, just enough community, just enough of His grace and wisdom to make it daily. But in every way, this house represents the opposite of that to me. More than enough, more than we deserve.

the lighting fixture I'd pick if this were our dream home. But it's just already there. I love that every time Elias and Glory look at it, they talk about Jesus dying on the cross to rescue us, you know - "like the backyardigans rescue people". 

It might seem like very little to everyone else, but to me it’s the most beautiful thing that we have so little and have time to steward it well. For example – we have about 3 pots, six plates, 2 adult cups, 1 bathroom, and between Nick and I; about ¼ a closet full of clothes. Do you know how easy it is to steward and take care of 3 pots, six plates, 2 adult cups, 1 bathroom and ¼ closet full of clothes? If you spend about an hour a day, your whole house is spotless. Rest. Blessing. More than we deserve.

one of my views from the dryer. thank you Father.  And yes! the fireplace works! 

We have three silly, goofy, rambunctious, loud, beautiful, amazing, sinful children. For so long – three silly, goofy, rambunctious, loud, beautiful, amazing, sinful children has seemed like such a task to manage. To plan for, to feed, to care for, to shepherd, to discipline, and to enjoy them was an awful lot because we were always doing something else too. Running a maternity home, having a Daddy in school, preparing to plant a church. Even mothering my children in the midst of feeling the burden to already be a great mom was too much. For right now, for this season - God has called us to nothing but our family and preparing for the season to come. Nick is the pastor of our family alone, I feel no pressure to be the mom I think I’m supposed to be, only the mother the Lord is making me to be. And I’m trusting that through this little time of catch-up, when we’re ready to go, we’ll be ready to go; ready to take on more responsibility. But today – it is beautiful to only be expected to do this well, and to feel for once, as if that is truly attainable through the grace the Lord has given. 

catching Glor climb out of her crib. She doesn't care if its the house of rest or the house of crazy. She's still not sleeping.