thinking on easter

Birthdays are nice and mother's day is special. 
Valentines is sweet & halloween sure is great for being missional. 
Christmas is beautiful & the birth of our savior, but Easter. 
Easter is just something. 

The tomb is EMPTY. We have a reason for hope past our own selves. 
If you're me, if you're you - that is some good news. 

I want to teach our kids to party hard on Easter. If ever, ever, ever there was reason to celebrate - it's easter. This year, we're going as all-out as we possibly can with a 2,3,&4 year old and coming off a mini family crisis. This whole week we're talking about how Christ died for us and next week we'll get to the good news - that He conquered the grave. We're trading out our "happy birthday" pennant for a "christ is risen" one, and speaking of Christ is Risen - I'm doing lots of listening to this song. Favorite worship song, ever.

Dying eggs, easter pennants, scouring thrift stores for a dress, cake pops, maybe a special headband for mama & Glory, bowties for the boys, visiting family, maybe some family worship on the beach, praying for our kiddos salvation, and I'm sure - just sure there will be some food celebrating in there. 

If ever there was reason to celebrate, right? 
Christ is risen, Amen?!