oh man oh man. VLOG TIME. STYLE VLOG TIME.

So, this may be one of my favorite posts ever. 
A. Look! It's my real life friends! I love them. 
B. Introducing Kristin! The style fairy godmother. 
C. Are my friends the cutest or what? 
D. I know I have an over talking problem. 
my friends put up with & i'm working on it. 

Ask your style questions for Kristin. She knows it ALL. No question too big or too small. 
For example: last weekend before my cousin's beautiful wedding, I texted her asking her what if she had anything I could possibly borrow to feel new & fresh. I left her house an hour later with an outfit perfectly styled WITH SHOES AND JEWELRY for each occasion. Who does that?

And heres the thing: I know everyone doesn't have a friend like her, who knows so much and gives so much - so that's why I'm sharing her with you. Ask her your questions AND I'll say it again, if you're anywhere in driving distance of Columbia, SC - call and make an appointment with her

And, I told you Anna Kate was super talented
AND let's hear those questions!