happy happy happy

A. Thank you all for your sweet support on last week's post about the small shift you might notice on this here blog. 
B. Regarding another shift, I think I'm going to be offering more free printables for my blog readers! The scripture print shop is still our family business and we love running it, but we feel pretty strongly about it always staying SCRIPTURE only prints. But you know what? Sometimes I want to make other prints. So, when I make those - why not just give them away? 
C. Something you should know about me. I love the show Duck Dynasty. Well, to be honest... I like it ok, but I LOVE watching my husband watch it. He's not a laugher, but it makes him LAUGH and that makes me happy. 
D. Let's combine C & D and you get... a Duck Dynasty based free printable

right click on this bad boy, save it, and print it. 
Even if you don't like DD (sad) or you've never heard of it (gasp), you can still like the printable + download it:) But it will be so much better if you've watched a little of the Robertson boys. If you're not Duck Dynasty friendly, head over to their site on the AE website and get acquainted. At the very least, watch my favorite recent clip below:) 

Hey. I hope your Monday is happy, happy, happy, Jack.