photography by Hannah Arnold
Hey gals, I'm Jessi and I'm so glad you're here. 
Grab some coffee (or tea, if you must) and stay awhile. 

Naptime Diaries is my little home on the internet that is about Spirit, Truth, Family, Community, and Color. This is me telling my story as I endeavor to grow in all of the things. I pray that it reads like more of a coffee date and less of a trophy case. 


I'm a wife to a handsome man planting a church in downtown Charleston
I'm the mom to four of the potentially loudest and cutest children on earth. 
I tell my stories here on the blog, I design prints for our family business - a scripture print shop, and I believe in the community that we are building here - on The Influence Network

Even though I've been blogging since 2006, I started writing Naptime Diaries intentionally in 2009 for women like me who had small children, big dreams, and scarce contact with the outside world. Though most of my children have gone off to school and my naptimes are now filled with online work, I keep writing to her - the mama who craves freedom, passion, and intimacy with the Lord. I don't write only about motherhood and all are welcome here, but she will always have my heart. 

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I've written two different eBooks, Be Quiet and Say Something and The Refresh Book (cowritten with Hayley Morgan). I love being able to travel and speak to other women about femininity, being wild and free, and a host of other things. You can contact me via email for any speaking or teaching requests.