Meeting one on one with other women who need some cheering on is one of my favorite things I do each week.

Some of my top "strengths finders" strengths are: input, communication, strategy, and activation. When you add those in with my extreme optimism - you typically find a really strong cheerleader who wants to help you make a plan and get your ideas rolling. 

What you won't get in coaching: 

I can't promise that your idea, business, or schedule will get my 100% sign-off. If I feel like it's not healthy, wise or profitable - I'll promise to tell you and help you think through alternative options.
- A coaching call doesn't mean that I'll be able to offer on-going support or business advice via email or text - I absolutely wish I could for everyone, but it's not feasible and I'd rather you not be frustrated in the end.
- I cannot promise to endorse or share your product, business, or ministry even if I 100% believe in it.
- I cannot promise anyone's success. I sure can't promise my own - that is absolutely up to the Lord! 

What you will get during coaching: 

- Some truth and a gospel centered approach to goal setting. 
- A few questions asked to help you get to the heart of whatever you're struggling with.
- A list of resources so you can continue to equip yourself. Genuine prayer. Measurable, time sensitive action steps that can be followed up on.
- Open ended Q&A - nothing is off limits. You ask and I'll do my best to answer as much in our allotted time. 
- Someone to come alongside you and hold your arms up if you're tired, weary, confused, excited and need to process and find the next steps.
- I'll be ready to begin the second we start and you'll get my all for your session. 

What exactly are you paying for:

- You'll fill out a questionnaire prior at least 48 hours prior to your coaching session and I'll do my research based on what you tell me.
I'll read blog posts, investigate your social media, and read through every bit of information you give me. I'll also spend time praying over your questions. 
- I'll ask you to come with 3 main questions you want answered. 
- I'll come with 3 questions for you - to make you think, get to the heart of what you need, and help you move forward. 
- Together, we'll develop 3 tangible actionable next steps for you to act on  your coaching call. 
- Lastly, you'll get access to a private Facebook group for all my coaching call participants. You can collaborate, ask each other ongoing questions, and I pop in to give encouragement and wisdom when available!