What ages are the Connolly kids? 
Elias is 8, Glory is 7, Benjamin is 2 and Cannon is 2. 

I'm about to have two (or three) kids super close together, any advice? 
First of all, it's going to be great. You are about to build a really sweet and intimate family culture. You're going to lean on each other and laugh a whole, whole lot. My biggest regret during the season I had three kids under three in is that I didn't give myself more grace. Take a promise from a veteran and believe me when I say that God has picked you to be the mama to these kids for a reason and He will equip you with all you need. Ask for help when you need it, even if it's often. Find a good church if you don't have one and find an older mom to encourage you. Take little pockets of rest and time to feel inspired wherever you can. Read the Bible. God is for you. It's often said and very true - these days are going to fly by. 

How did you decide to start your print shop? 
Very unprofessionally and haphazardly! A friend encouraged me to start selling my prints and at that time - I wasn't even sure where or how to print them. Sometimes you just have to try that crazy idea and see what happens. 

Can Jessi come speak at our event/conference?
We'd love to hear more about it! Will you fill out the form on our speaking page?  Thanks!

I'm visiting Charleston soon, anywhere you suggest going? 
Yay, Charleston! You're going to love it! See my recommendations on my about page

Can I stop by the Naptime Diaries office and see you?
Please email us at naptimediariesteam@gmail.com. We'd love to have you drop by for a few minutes if it works for our schedule. 

Can I send you something from my business/company/shop?
I'd be crazy blessed by that, thank you! I can't promise to blog or share it on social media. Please email naptimediariesteam@gmail.com to get our PO Box address and let us know what to be expecting. 

My husband is interested in or praying about planting a church. How can I help him? 
Sit beside him and let him tell you his crazy dreams. For the most part, if you can, be his cheerleader. Encourage him to get some other wise men in his life to be his breaks. Pray with him. Pray for him. From what I've seen so far that church planting is one part genuinely caring for christians, one part genuinely caring for your neighbors + city, one part trying leading towards a vision and culture, and one part crying scared in the corner. Oh, maybe that's just me. There's probably a lot more important parts, but those are the ones I'm in the thick of. I think it's really important that you lean into those parts genuinely before you ever officially plant. Love other christians hard before you're the pastor's wife. Love your neighbors + city before it's your husbands job. Lead people humbly through service before anyone asks you to. 

How do you get so much done? What are your days like? 
Please know off the bat that I'm the farthest thing from super-mom, super-wife, super-business lady ever. I have things that I choose to do and I have a lot of things I choose not to do to make our life work. I don't shower a ton and I don't watch a ton of TV. I have three big kids in school and a dear friend who nannies our baby twice a week so that I can work. That being said, my days look a lot like this: 
5am: quiet time
6am: exercise
7am: get my kids ready for school + send them off
7:30am: get dressed, get ready for the work day
8:30am-3pm: All kinds of furious work. Meetings, content creation, social media, writing, designing, coaching, preparing to speak. 
3:00pm: big kids home from school. I try to go phone free and spend 3-8 with family and/or community. 
8:00pm: Community, Rest, Datenight, twice a week work at night. 

How do you do your hair? 
You can watch my beachy waves hair tutorial here! I recorded it on periscope so you won't see the people I'm talking to or their comments! 

Can I ask you a few questions about my business or ministry idea? 
Please do! I offer coaching sessions here. Unfortunately at this time I can't do a lot of business coaching outside of those weekly one hour blocks or I'd be doing our businesses a disservice. 

Got another question? Or a FAQ suggestion? Email admin@jessconnolly.com!