Messy Motherhood - My Specific Hope

photo by  Caroline Ro

photo by Caroline Ro

Today's my third post in a 31 days series about Practicing Messy Motherhood

A few months ago, I read the The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson and I was so spurred on and so encouraged. I remember posting something about it on instagram and getting back some slightly negative comments - people questioning the theology of the book, etc. Mostly some people chimed in that they feel like Marky B presumes too much of the Lord and uses language that Christians shouldn't use too liberally - dreams, miracles, etc. People felt like Batterson took some miracles out of context and promised things that the Lord didn't say He'd do. I'm not really here to debate the book (please oh please don't debate about it in the comments), but just to say one thing: That book challenged me to be really know what it was I needed God's help with. 

I actually don't think we can say God loves us too much. I don't think we can say He wants to help us too much. I don't think we can presume too much of Him. I don't think we can hurt His feelings by being so specific that we really get detailed when we list our burdens or list what it is we'd want Him to do. And if we're genuinely seeking Him and asking Him for His Kingdom to come on earth, I don't think we'll be disappointed if He does things differently than we'd hoped or imagined in our own minds. Romans 5:5 says Hope does not put us to shame, and when ultimately our hope is in Jesus (and not His gifts or miracles), I say hope away. Hope big. Hope specifically. 

So after reading The Circle Maker, I started to hope bigger for my kids and for my mothering. But the months have passed and I've forgotten and I've prayed less and in a lot of ways, I've just gotten tired. So I'm going back today and remembering what exactly the points were on the circle that I was praying around my children. And because I've already been a good bit vulnerable, why stop? Here they are. 

1. I'm praying that God's grace and healing would undo the hurt I've caused from my own sin in mothering over the past seven and a half years. That as His grace is pouring over them, He'd be pouring it over me and healing my heart as well. 
2. I'm praying that my desire to be a mom to the glory of God would grow daily. 
3. I'm praying that He'd give me sustained joy as a mother. 
4. I'm praying that God would give me vision for my kids and our family the same way He gives me vision for the other things that I'm passionate about. 
5. I pray that all four of kids would come to know Jesus in a real way. 
6. I pray that God would help us to establish healthy and sacrificial family rhythms that bring Him glory and help His Kingdom move forward on earth. 
7. I'm praying that God would give our kids the same heart for our neighborhood, city, and nation that He's given us. 
8. I'm praying that He'd help us minister together, by His grace. 
9. I'm praying that we'd be humble and learn from our kids as they grow and God grows their ability to love and lead. 
10. I'm praying for the generations that will come from our kids, that they'd know Jesus and be passionate about loving His people. 

There are my specific and honest hopes for our family, for my mothering. It might be intense, it might be specific, but it's genuine and really important for me to remember. 

I'd love to hear your specific hopes, whether they're about mothering or not. 

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