Meet My Fave Kids

Today's my fourth post in a 31 days series about Practicing Messy Motherhood

Today’s a fun day! Since I’m not much of a Great-Mom blogger, I want to introduce you to my kids. I’ll be sharing a lot more about them in the next 31 days and even doing some fun photo posts + video interviews with them. It’s time they got to tell their side of the story, am I right? 


This is Elias Powell Connolly

He’s 7. He loves TV, legos, Star Wars, watching Dirty Jobs with his dad, and reading his Adventure Bible at night. He’s tender and he loves cuddling, but he’s sneaky like his mama too. Something I absolutely LOVE about Elias is that he perceives people’s needs and tries to meet them. He’ll see me in the midst of a hectic day and ask if there is anything he can do to help or he’ll replace the trash can liner without being asked when he sees me taking the trash out. Something that is a little bit messy about being Elias’ mom is that he wakes up freakishly early, like his mama. I wake up at around 5am to have a quiet time and get some work done and he’s often already up, waiting on me, which is hard for my little introverted self. But, snuggles! 

This is Gloriana Eloise Connolly

She’s 6. She loves writing in journals, taking care of other people, doing “karate” and doing anything super girly like getting her nails painted or brushing her hair. Now, she hates when I brush her hair, but she’ll brush it till it falls out herself. Glory is fierce and passionate and incredibly, incredibly loving when she wants to be, which is most of the time:). Some of you might know about Glory’s health struggles, but essentially she has M-I-R-A-C-L-E spelled all over. You can read more about her story here. What I love about Glory is just talking to her. She’s genuinely one of my favorite people to talk to in the world. When she laughs, you feel like your heart is on fire in the best way. And the hilarious things that come out of her mouth! I wouldn’t know where to start ya’ll. Sister friend has a way with words. Something that is a little messy about being Glory’s mom is that she’s a fighter, just like me. When she’s angry, she’s a force to be reckoned with and I can see all of my worst qualities in her. But goodness gracious, she is just one of my favorite women on earth. 


Meet Benjamin Haddon Connolly, AKA Benja, Benj, or Benja the Ninja. 

Oh Benja, Benja, Benja. Oh Lordy I love my Benja. Benj is five going on six and he’s like a little pint sized version of his dad in so many ways. He’s quiet, REALLY funny, not super emotional, and just a generally likable guy. While Elias loves watching sports, Benja can play sports all day long. He even got a note written home from his teacher recently about how good he is in gym class. That? He did not get from his mama. He’s really good at making noises with his mouth and he loves anything camo. Something I love most about Benjamin is the really loving and redemptive relationship he has with Cannon, our youngest. When Cannon was born, Benj had a hard time adjusting for a lot of different reasons. Now, each night, Cannon’s favorite thing to do is cuddle with Benj for just a moment and it’s Benjamin’s best part of the day too. He’s soft with Cannon, loves on him, kisses him, tries to make him laugh. Something that’s messy about being his mom is that he doesn’t express emotions super consistently. He’s a little bit of a man’s man and will hold his feelings in until they all spill over, whereas I’m more of a constant stream of all the feelings. But he will always be a super bright star in a very dark night for me and for that, I’m really really grateful. 

and lastly - our sweet baby, really toddler - Cannon Murray Connolly. 

I always say Cannon is the baby I held my breath for. He was our baby after a miscarriage and my pregnancy with him was rocky to say the least. Now, even though he’s rounding the corner to two years old, I think we’re all just overwhelming grateful to have him around. Maybe to the point where he’s a tiny bit spoiled, but I’m not super bummed about that. Cannon loves banging on things, pretending to talk on the phone, coloring on our walls, playing with any kind of ball, watching sports, and he LOVES men. He will walk up to almost any man in our church and all but crawl in their arms. He is such a sweet combination of all of our kids. He has the energy, fight, and emotions of Glory. The intense typical boy-ness like Benjamin. But he’s soft and shows affection like Elias - he’s always blowing kisses and giving hugs, though he rarely stops moving long enough to actually cuddle. My favorite thing about being Cannon’s mom is - I don’t know? Everything. I feel like he’s my special little boyfriend-baby. Something that is messy about being his mom is that he could probably use a little more discipline and I feel like I’m so out of the toddler-consistency era. 

And those are my kids!
I can’t wait to tell you more about them. This only absolutely skims the surface.
They’re amazing. They’re crazy and wild and just the absolute best.
Thanks SO much for reading along. 

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